What To Expect From Each Class:

Learn From Dr. Monique, The Physician In The Kitchen.

  • What it means to be plant-based

  • Ingredients commonly used in plant-based cooking

  • How to read food labels and spot hidden non-vegan ingredients

  • How to set up your pantry and stock the essentials for your plant-based journey

  • How to make simple healthier substitutions in classic dishes

  • How easy and healthy it is to make some things from scratch

  • Basic plant-based cooking techniques

  • Create a complete healthy plant-based meal


This is for you if you are ready to plant-base your pantry and you want to create more vegan meal options at home.

You will learn the difference between being vegan and plant-based, which plant-based staples are pantry must-haves, some basic cooking techniques, some of my recommended kitchen gadgets and utensils, and much more. If you are ready to choose plant-based ingredients you can use to create restaurant-quality dishes at home, then this course is for you!

Start learning how to plant-base your pantry

Dr. Monique May, MD, MHA

Dr. Monique, also known as the Physician In The Kitchen®, is the author of two Amazon bestselling books. Her newest book, Doc Fix My Plate: The Physician In The Kitchen's Prescriptions For Your Healthy Meal Makeover, is a plant-based cookbook that is chock-full of helpful kitchen tips. She is also the author of MealMasters: Your Simple Guide to Modern-Day Meal Planning. Dr. Monique is passionate about using her social platform to educate people on the health benefits of food while showing them ways to save time in the kitchen. A member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, she has received accolades as Resident of the Year in 1999 and Physician of the Year 2019. Dr. Monique recently attended a vegan culinary school so she could learn how to make tasty plant-based meals. In addition to being a social media influencer, podcast host, and author, Dr. Monique is also a highly sought-after speaker.

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“The food was so pleasing to my eye and tasty. I gained a new found taste... When you find someone who can cook something that you have always disliked and now you like it, that is talent.”


“She is absolutely incredible and a thought-leader in her field with an incredibly relatable personality. Tune in to whatever she’s sharing!!”

Monifad D

“She is so informative! I love listening to her information. I’m always taking notes.”

Cheron T

“I love her knowledge and passion and commitment to make healthy tasty dishes!”

Natasha G-D

Start learning how to vegan-ize your pantry today!