Dr. Monique May, MD, MHA

Dr. Monique, also known as the Physician In The Kitchen®, is the author of two Amazon bestselling books. Her newest book, Doc Fix My Plate: The Physician In The Kitchen's Prescriptions For Your Healthy Meal Makeover, is a plant-based cookbook that is chock-full of helpful kitchen tips. She is also the author of MealMasters: Your Simple Guide to Modern-Day Meal Planning, and the founder of Physician In The Kitchen®. Dr. Monique is passionate about using her social platform to educate people on the health benefits of food while showing them ways to save time in the kitchen. A member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, she has received accolades as Resident of the Year in 1999 and Physician of the Year 2019. Dr. Monique recently attended a vegan culinary school so she could learn how to make tasty plant-based meals.

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